BIOFORYOU started its activities in 2009. After a very long reflection of its institurators formed of a group of young people: It is a company of direct sales of beauty products that covers everything from Moroccan kingdom using material First of Moroccan origin.


N° 66 - Secteur L - El houda - Agadir

Tel : +21 528 320 823



Shampoo is a liquid, creamy, powdery or solid product that is applied to hair ...

Shower Gels

A shower gel is a gel whose substance is similar to a soap in liquid form ...


Milk, and dairy products, are an integral part of our daily diet and we know that it is good for ...


Cream is a cream or lotion used to reduce
skin exposure.


The Structure, organization of the parts of a system which gives it its consistency and is its characteristic ...


An oil is a fatty substance that is in the liquid state at room temperature and that does not mix with water ...